Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. Nothing much to type here but I want to share to you about my LW224 interview! I have just completed my diploma last October 2015 and Alhamdulillah, I received an offer to go for the interview! Weeeeee!

So I flew back to Kota Kinabalu to prepare all the documents needed: birth cert, diploma transcript, etc. Not only that, they told us (the candidates) to prepare ourselves with the basic knowledge in law, general knowledge as well as the current issues. Not to forget, they will also evaluate our communication skills, language and personality! 

During the interview day, I drove to UiTM Kota Kinabalu all by myself. I came early, around 7AM and registered my name. At first, I was scared because I can't find my name on the list. HAHAHA, but everything went okay. I waited at the waiting room and met my old friend - yay! haha! Oh, there were only 11 candidates from Sabah! 

Not long after that, my name was called by the interviewer! OMIGOSH! SCAAAAAAARY!! THE VERY FIRST INTERVIEW IN MY LIFE! GAHHHH! Now the interview begins.... (Different campus may have different style of interview session I guess. Mine was when only 1 candidate being called at a time, as for the interview at the main campus, they called 5 candidates per session)

I knocked the door and made sure my right leg step in first, HAHA! I was so nervous! HAHAHAHA! As soon as I entered the interview room, I sat on the chair immediately! OMIGOSH! First mistake detected!!!!! I tried so hard to control my body gestures. HAHAHA! I smiled forceably!

There were 3 interviewers; only 2 ask q's, the other 1 only observe how I speak (I think). So, the first interviewer asked me to talk about my background and he asked in Bahasa so of course I answered in Bahasa! I didn't expect this, so I think my Bahasa was not that good at that time. Dayummmm. So I told the interviewers: my full name, how old am I, where I'm from, my educational background, what my parents do for living, I talk about my siblings and my experience in the law professions. I kept talking but the first interviewer didn't show any face expressions and it made me thinking like "Uih teruk kah BM saya sampai muka dia begitu?".

The second interviewer was way better than the first one. She smiled, she nodded when I answered their q's. She said that my diploma results are very impressive! (lah sangat) - she said that my law subjects are good, but my calculations are excellent, so why didn't I further studies in Finance. That's what she asked me and I answered that "I like Law even more, plus it is a professional field. People will find me when they need help. I can also help people to protect their human rights and bla-bla-bla". Then, she asked me which Law subject I like the most and I said I like the Malaysian Legal System and I even mentioned the Torts, HAHAHA! Tambirang! Luckily she didn't ask me more on that!

Back to the first interviewer, he asked me to define law and I answered his question spontaneously, I answered, "well according to what I understand, Law is bla-bla-bla..." HAHAHA! OMG!! Then, he asked me the structures of the Parliament of Malaysia!

The interviewers take turns to ask q's, then, the second interviewer said, "okay now I want to test your knowledge on the current issues. what do you know about what we do globally to conserve the earth especially in controlling the global-warming?". Then, I told her about the COP21 - where it was organized by the United Nations and the members have reached their consensus on reducing the global warming by 2020 and bla-bla-bla.

She nodded and I saw her writing something on the evaluation sheet. (I think) And... that's it for the interview session. Phew! The interviewer ended it with "thank you very much Suraidah, good luck in the future!". OMG, I cannot believe it went just like that! SO FAST!!! 

Hehe, I hope my entry helps you guys a little bit - Now you can imagine how's the interview gonna be like, huh? Good luck for your interview! You can do it! Just believe in yourself! Don't be nervous! Don't forget to prepare all the documents required by the Faculty and please organize it nicely ya! Oh, and dress smartly too! First impression is very important during an interview! If you have anything to ask, don't forget to tweet me here (sue's twitter) < Click that! Or just post it on the chatbox provided okays! Thanks for viewing!


ps: I'm going to attend UiTM's Law School! I'm so excited *as for now lah*

Friday, January 15, 2016


Well hello there, peeps! First thing's first; HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! We're gonna be another year older! HA HA HA! Not cool, not cool. I'm turning 21 this July, omagaaaaaa! I hope this year will be a very sweet and prosperous year for me. Hehehe. Well, here's a picture of me with the minions last Christmas (2015), mom took this cute picture. Yes, I gained weight. Guess you'll never see me KURUS bahahaha!

My life? So far so good, just done with the LW224 interview last month, it was okay, just hoping for the best! To be honest, I'm so freaked out right now, like so much! Maybe it's just that I want it so badly, that's why. HAH. Please Sir A.Suman, please Mrs. Habibun, please give me the chance to enter UiTM's law school. I kept thinking about it everyday! The results will be out on February 5th. I'm hoping for the best! I'll tell you my experience for the interview when I'm ready, just stay tuned!

Other than that, well, I'm attached to a law firm right now in Sandakan. It's my 3rd month in this law firm. It's great to have the opportunity to work with the lawyers and communicate with the other lawyers. I gained a lot of tips from them especially on how to survive law school. Yup, they said it's not easy. Hah, one fine day I'm gonna be like them, they are my role models! I seriously wanna graduate from UiTM's Law school so baaaaaaaad! 

Well, since I have just completed my diploma, to be honest, I miss my classmates- the A1s, especially the guys (abang-abang) and also Icha, we always lepak here and there while waiting for the next class, which made us close - more like siblings. Missing them right now!

I have 2 big wishes for this 2k16. First, to be a law student and second, to bring everyone I love to my Convocation Day and make them proud looking at me wearing the one and only what people call as the 'SELEMPANG PINK'! Hehehe. Okay, guess that's it for my new year post! Happy New Year 2016 once again! Thanks for viewing, wish me luck for my future!

PS: Appreciate everything that you have in your life, never take it for granted!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hello there lovely people! It's another boring day for me here in the office, got nothing to do actually. No new case so yeah, here I am blogging once again to share to you guys about my final semester examination results. 

So here it goes. Three days before the announcement of the results, which was on the 10th of November 2015, I started to feel that nervousness inside me and started to overthink. What if I'm not able to excel? What if I fail my Business Law paper? What if this, what if that. Too many what ifs. HAHA! Wanna know why I'm so nervous? Because everyone's putting too much pressure on me, expecting me to get that Anugerah Naib Canselor Award, huhu. Alhamdulillah, I managed to control the nervousness, I didn't show my nervousness to my parents. HAHA! Padahal dalam hati, tiada siapa yang tau bruh. Seriously. 

So, one day before the announcement, which was on the 12th, dayumm, I don't wanna be in that situation ever again. Memang seram habis huffh! Rasa macam inilah penentu mood saya time cuti, its either you will enjoy your holidays happily or the other way round. ERGH! So, on the 12th at 10 o'clock in the evening, dayumm, memang nda senang duduk sudah. Pura-pura tidur kunun padahal berpeluh sudah menunggu email from HAHAHAHAH! Tunggu punya tunggu, nah masih belum masuk-masuk lagi email, padahal classmates yang lain sudah lega nampak results dorang. OMG. I can't sleep well the whole night, saaaaaaaaampai besok pagi, terbangun jam 5, but masih no email, no nothing. HAHAHA! Dikasih main perasaan oh. Nasiblah kawan-kawan cakap, "NDA APA BAH TU, SELALUNYA YANG LAST-LAST KENA BAGITAU RESULTS TU, MEMANG CONFIRM SUDAH TU THE BEST" - This ayat betul-betul kasih lega hati saya sikit HAHAHAHA! Thanks kepada yang mendoakan :p

Then, yang paling sandi lah kan, few of my classmates banyak sudah yang mengadu repeat this and that, AMAAAAAAA TERUS TAMBAH LAGI OVERTHINKING! Then, ada pula yang awal-awal sudah congratulate saya. Like whaaaaaaaaaaaat, I haven't received mine, why you people doing this to me. Dup dap habis!! Balik-balik refresh email, but still there's nothing! Then, I checked my spam folder, sekali rupanya termasuk dalam situ pula!! HAHAHAHAHA! GILAAAAAAAAA! 

So I opened the mail, first thing I tengok was my CGPA: 3.61, then I look at my GPA: 3.5! BAMM! Then I burst into tears, HAHAHAHA (Memang kalau dapat results, I'll cry HAHAHAHA) Then, my parents crossed my mind! First thing; I called my mom and then I cried again lol. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get the award! Nasib-nasib lah sangkut juga 3.5 hufh! I've concluded that this final semester is very tough and it's not easy. There's a friend of mine in campus, she said that; "THERE'S NO SHORTCUT FOR THIS, YOU NEED TO STRIVE HARD TO GET IT" and I totally agree with her! I'm so glad that I'm graduating soon hehehehehe, the best thing is that there are 3 students in our faculty that will graduate with ANC and the 2 students are from my class, me and Natasja! Yayy! Our class is just awesome like that, whoooots! Hidup AM1105A1 :) 

Alhamdulillah for everything. I've finished my diploma journey, at last!! I would like to thank my parents for their support and motivation, as well as, mendengar penderitaan saya sebab tiada transport di kampus so susah mau gerak HAHAHAH! I would like to thank all my classmates for everything especially yang nda pernah putus share ilmu and for their effort untuk work together to finish up all the assignments given, I would like to thank my coursemates sebab selalu layan saya yang memang banyak tanya pasal semua subjects kita ni, and also to all my lecturers yang memang sangat friendly and selalu layan soalan-soalan saya. Hehehehe! 

Okay, that's it for today's entry. To all the AM110 juniors out there, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at suesue's twitter okay, I would loveeeeeeee to help you guys!! (because I've been in your shoes before this, so I understand you guys so much!) To all my classmates, happy graduating you guys! 

ps: Finally a UiTM Diploma graduate! This is for my parents :)


Thursday, October 22, 2015

AM1105A1 JUN-OCT 2015







Hi there people! Yes, they are the best teammates ever! The first picture is my team for our Southeast Asia Studies forum. We nailed it! I remembered Miss Farhana commented on our forum and she said, "Excellent!". Ngaws, thank you Miss. Hehehehe. 

To Alethia, thank you so much for your efforts. You are so hardworking and a very good leader to us. I will never forget your expressions when I agreed to team up with you and Nazrin, THAT happy face of yours. HAHA! 

To Kiko, thank you so much for your co-operation! A very kind-hearted kakak and your ideas are so brilliant.

To Nazrin, thank you so much for everything! A very brilliant person, and if he doesn't know about that one topic, he'll use all his general knowledge and will start talk and and talk and talk. HAHA! Walaupun menghantam, tapi mengena :)

Well, thank you to you guys, I don't know lah what are your impressions about me but I hope you guys are happy to work with me! Heeeee!

And....... here's my dream team. All of them have great presentation skills and their English are so good! I just love them all, we had a great time together kan especially during the one-day tour for our Local Government Administration assignment. Thank you Hafifi, Natasja, Alethia and Nazrin!! 



Hi there people. So, here's a picture of me and my club members! Aww gonna miss you guys. Gonna miss our weekly meeting. I'm so gonna miss Nabil, Adza and Mijal after this. Hehehe! Oh and, I'm so gonna miss our new president too, Miss Tasya Tuds. Hihi. Please continue the legacy people!!! Thank you Sir Joseph for all your time and efforts with our MMGC! This club taught me a lot: it improves my communication skills, my presentation skills and the most important part is it helps to improve my English. Thanks everyone! Till we meet again!

Your former Vice President, 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This is an appreciation post to all my girlfriends in UiTM. We started with 8 members altogether in our second semester and ended with only 6 members in the campus and 2 members in our hearts (not because they died but they left the campus for good, HAHA). I will never forget our memories together, walk from Fast Track to Cluster C or Indah Permai to have our lunch together. At that time, we don't have any transportation. Hiks. Love you always Hamisah and Syakila, be good outside there :)

First of all, lets start from the right. Introducing Izni Najwa 'Amirah Binti Arip, a crazy-loud girl but the one who will always got bullied by everyone in the class especially me and the boys, ngahaha. The expert one when it comes to calculation subjects. I'll always refer to her last time, especially for Business Maths in Part 1, Costing in Part 2 and also Statistics in Part 4. Well, let me tell you why I like to bully you, maybe because you're just so kind-hearted and nda pandai marah. Dia ni kalau bercerita, keluar lah tu ayat dia; "NAH JO", "SANDI JO" dengan konfidennya. HAHA! The one yang sentiasa dapat cinta baru sepanjang hidup kami di kampus ni, HAHAHAHA! Asal PTPTN keluar, she'll belanja everyone, awwwww, thank you my friend. Oh and the one yang selalu kena kasih tinggal sebab lambat!!!! Please change that okay Wawa. HAHAHAHA!

Now, let's describe the second one from the right. Introducing Norsariana Majinin, a girl from Tawau Sabah. Orang belah saaaaaaaaaaaana hujung-hujung Sabah, HAHAHA! People call her Yayan, but I like to call her Sari because she call me Surai. HAHAHAH. A very determined person and a very punctual person. Menghargai setiap detik dan masa. Kalau sudah ketawa, memang ndada yang boleh lawan 'patca' dia, tapi kalau malam-malam dia ketawa, saya jadi takut sebab macam suara hantu ketawa. I still remember that one morning, we slept together in the hostel room and then the next morning, semua orang terbangun pasal dia punya bunyi alarm. Bukan alang-alang buss, lagu Gangnam Style! KAHKAHKAH! The one yang paling rajin whatsapp saya untuk tanya soalan, and I do the same to her too. I ask her if I'm not clear on something. 

Moving on to the girl standing on my left; Alethia Subil. I first noticed her during our first ELC class during our first semester, it was the ice-breaking session in class and when it comes to her turn, I never thought that her voice would be like that, macam suara dalam. HAHAHA! A very hardworking classmate and very competitive. I label her as the one yang paling mudah terhibur! HAHAHAHA! 

The second one from the left; Febiana Sarama! Hi Feb, the second youngest member among us and yang paling gila kalau sudah time bergila. HAHAHA! Dia lah paling banyak perubahan sepanjang hidup diploma ni sebab masuk ja semester 4 and 5, phew, bebeh sudah. HAHAHA. Kalau kasih banding ah gambar dulu sama sekarang, boleh jadi hiburan. NGAHAHA! Not much to say about her because she don't talk much tapi kalau sudah kasih ketawa orang, saya pun ikut terconnect sama dia. HAHAHAHAH! Feb, feb! Kalau group sama dia, dia selalu kasih keluar idea and pendapat, which is good and very helpful.

Last but not least, the closest one to me, Nurhanisah Harun. She's the one yang selalu bersusah senang sama saya. I walk from Fast Track to library, she's there walking with me. My car keys hilang di kampus, she's the ONLY ONE yang tolong cari. I stayed back in campus, she stayed back as well. Span baju kurung hilang, she's the one yang tolong cari, kan Icha? HAHAHAHA! A very helpful group member and very efficient. Seh. I can refer to her on anything especially when it comes to cooking and house chores. HAHAHA! Kakak-kakak kan! Hiks! During our Semester 2, I stayed at the hostel everyday including weekends, and she's there to accompany me in the room. She's the one who will go anywhere I go around campus. Aw, I'm so touched. She's my singing partner, my very own Ziana Zain. Gonna miss her so much!

Dear friends, thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for all the bittersweet memories. I love you all my UiTM girlfriends. Will cherish our memories together forever. Kalau ada jodoh, kita jumpa lagi. Siapa kahwin nanti, jangan lupa kawan kayss. THANK YOU girls :)