Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hi there people! Yes, they are the best teammates ever! The first picture is my team for our Southeast Asia Studies forum. We nailed it! I remembered Miss Farhana commented on our forum and she said, "Excellent!". Ngaws, thank you Miss. Hehehehe. 

To Alethia, thank you so much for your efforts. You are so hardworking and a very good leader to us. I will never forget your expressions when I agreed to team up with you and Nazrin, THAT happy face of yours. HAHA! 

To Kiko, thank you so much for your co-operation! A very kind-hearted kakak and your ideas are so brilliant.

To Nazrin, thank you so much for everything! A very brilliant person, and if he doesn't know about that one topic, he'll use all his general knowledge and will start talk and and talk and talk. HAHA! Walaupun menghantam, tapi mengena :)

Well, thank you to you guys, I don't know lah what are your impressions about me but I hope you guys are happy to work with me! Heeeee!

And....... here's my dream team. All of them have great presentation skills and their English are so good! I just love them all, we had a great time together kan especially during the one-day tour for our Local Government Administration assignment. Thank you Hafifi, Natasja, Alethia and Nazrin!!