Thursday, February 11, 2016


Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. Nothing much to type here but I want to share to you about my LW224 interview! I have just completed my diploma last October 2015 and Alhamdulillah, I received an offer to go for the interview! Weeeeee!

So I flew back to Kota Kinabalu to prepare all the documents needed: birth cert, diploma transcript, etc. Not only that, they told us (the candidates) to prepare ourselves with the basic knowledge in law, general knowledge as well as the current issues. Not to forget, they will also evaluate our communication skills, language and personality! 

During the interview day, I drove to UiTM Kota Kinabalu all by myself. I came early, around 7AM and registered my name. At first, I was scared because I can't find my name on the list. HAHAHA, but everything went okay. I waited at the waiting room and met my old friend - yay! haha! Oh, there were only 11 candidates from Sabah! 

Not long after that, my name was called by the interviewer! OMIGOSH! SCAAAAAAARY!! THE VERY FIRST INTERVIEW IN MY LIFE! GAHHHH! Now the interview begins.... (Different campus may have different style of interview session I guess. Mine was when only 1 candidate being called at a time, as for the interview at the main campus, they called 5 candidates per session)

I knocked the door and made sure my right leg step in first, HAHA! I was so nervous! HAHAHAHA! As soon as I entered the interview room, I sat on the chair immediately! OMIGOSH! First mistake detected!!!!! I tried so hard to control my body gestures. HAHAHA! I smiled forceably!

There were 3 interviewers; only 2 ask q's, the other 1 only observe how I speak (I think). So, the first interviewer asked me to talk about my background and he asked in Bahasa so of course I answered in Bahasa! I didn't expect this, so I think my Bahasa was not that good at that time. Dayummmm. So I told the interviewers: my full name, how old am I, where I'm from, my educational background, what my parents do for living, I talk about my siblings and my experience in the law professions. I kept talking but the first interviewer didn't show any face expressions and it made me thinking like "Uih teruk kah BM saya sampai muka dia begitu?".

The second interviewer was way better than the first one. She smiled, she nodded when I answered their q's. She said that my diploma results are very impressive! (lah sangat) - she said that my law subjects are good, but my calculations are excellent, so why didn't I further studies in Finance. That's what she asked me and I answered that "I like Law even more, plus it is a professional field. People will find me when they need help. I can also help people to protect their human rights and bla-bla-bla". Then, she asked me which Law subject I like the most and I said I like the Malaysian Legal System and I even mentioned the Torts, HAHAHA! Tambirang! Luckily she didn't ask me more on that!

Back to the first interviewer, he asked me to define law and I answered his question spontaneously, I answered, "well according to what I understand, Law is bla-bla-bla..." HAHAHA! OMG!! Then, he asked me the structures of the Parliament of Malaysia!

The interviewers take turns to ask q's, then, the second interviewer said, "okay now I want to test your knowledge on the current issues. what do you know about what we do globally to conserve the earth especially in controlling the global-warming?". Then, I told her about the COP21 - where it was organized by the United Nations and the members have reached their consensus on reducing the global warming by 2020 and bla-bla-bla.

She nodded and I saw her writing something on the evaluation sheet. (I think) And... that's it for the interview session. Phew! The interviewer ended it with "thank you very much Suraidah, good luck in the future!". OMG, I cannot believe it went just like that! SO FAST!!! 

Hehe, I hope my entry helps you guys a little bit - Now you can imagine how's the interview gonna be like, huh? Good luck for your interview! You can do it! Just believe in yourself! Don't be nervous! Don't forget to prepare all the documents required by the Faculty and please organize it nicely ya! Oh, and dress smartly too! First impression is very important during an interview! If you have anything to ask, don't forget to tweet me here (sue's twitter) < Click that! Or just post it on the chatbox provided okays! Thanks for viewing!


ps: I'm going to attend UiTM's Law School! I'm so excited *as for now lah*

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