Friday, January 15, 2016


Well hello there, peeps! First thing's first; HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! We're gonna be another year older! HA HA HA! Not cool, not cool. I'm turning 21 this July, omagaaaaaa! I hope this year will be a very sweet and prosperous year for me. Hehehe. Well, here's a picture of me with the minions last Christmas (2015), mom took this cute picture. Yes, I gained weight. Guess you'll never see me KURUS bahahaha!

My life? So far so good, just done with the LW224 interview last month, it was okay, just hoping for the best! To be honest, I'm so freaked out right now, like so much! Maybe it's just that I want it so badly, that's why. HAH. Please Sir A.Suman, please Mrs. Habibun, please give me the chance to enter UiTM's law school. I kept thinking about it everyday! The results will be out on February 5th. I'm hoping for the best! I'll tell you my experience for the interview when I'm ready, just stay tuned!

Other than that, well, I'm attached to a law firm right now in Sandakan. It's my 3rd month in this law firm. It's great to have the opportunity to work with the lawyers and communicate with the other lawyers. I gained a lot of tips from them especially on how to survive law school. Yup, they said it's not easy. Hah, one fine day I'm gonna be like them, they are my role models! I seriously wanna graduate from UiTM's Law school so baaaaaaaad! 

Well, since I have just completed my diploma, to be honest, I miss my classmates- the A1s, especially the guys (abang-abang) and also Icha, we always lepak here and there while waiting for the next class, which made us close - more like siblings. Missing them right now!

I have 2 big wishes for this 2k16. First, to be a law student and second, to bring everyone I love to my Convocation Day and make them proud looking at me wearing the one and only what people call as the 'SELEMPANG PINK'! Hehehe. Okay, guess that's it for my new year post! Happy New Year 2016 once again! Thanks for viewing, wish me luck for my future!

PS: Appreciate everything that you have in your life, never take it for granted!