Thursday, May 1, 2014


Weeehuuu! Hello there! And yes, SECOND SEMESTER ENDED SO WELL WITH THEM GIRLS last Apr 11th. Booyah! Too bad, Febi went missing when we took our so-called "WEFIES". HAHAHA, its a new word invented from the original word of "SELFIE". Get it? Get it? Heheh. Back to the topic, the last paper for the semester was ENGLISH. Yes, ENGLISH. I know its kinda funny because it was the easiest subject for the semester. I wonder why they set English as the last paper of the semester. Like come on! Hewhew! But whatever it is, we managed to answer the paper successfully, eventhough it was kinda hard for me! Omagaaa!

We were so happy because exams was over!! Now fingers crossed for the upcoming results! Nyeheheh! I love you girls, thanks for all the tunjuk ajar and memories! I hope we can create more bittersweet memories in the future! Another 3 semesters to go! Hehe. Anyways, as usual, credits to Hamisah's Note II for the lovely pictures. Hiks! See you girls in AM1103A1! Jyeah baby jyeah!