Monday, December 23, 2013

Classmates ;)

TAADAA! I got nothing to post actually, but I just wanted to introduce my classmates to you guys. We became good friends last semester and became closer this new semester! Hehehe! I'm so happy to have friends like them, like seriously!  Well, there are actually 8 of us but 1 went missing that day. Her name is Izni, she's the one who will always come late to class and we always left her behind. HAHAH. I guess thats actually her fault, right? They are all brainies you know. I like to be around them because I can refer them on everything. The best part is there are 3 out of 4 dekans in our so called 'gang'. 

When it is time to play, we'll go loco and act silly. HAHAHA! We started to make noise and ignore all the other friends in the class, like its our own world! I know we are so annoying and we annoyed other classmates. I KNOOOOOOW. The best part is all of us are great talented singers, trust me. Semua pun kaki kbox, HAHAHAH. Before I forgot, from left to right, its Kila, Yayan, Icha, Nong, me, Febi & Ally. We are all 18. EXCEPT for Nong, she's 20. HAHAHAHAH. She's our big sis AKA our mom. She's matured enough to actually give us advice and I think she's really a good sister to all of us. I love you guys so much!