Monday, December 23, 2013

Majlis Anugerah Akademik ;)

Well hello there! So, I attended the Academic Awards event on Dec 10th. Well, I was one of the, ahem, you know, best student! Ahem! HAHAHAH! It was so amazing! Greatest feelings ever! It was kinda nerve-wrecking, because its my first time to go onstage in university! I was so happy because I've made my parents happy & made them proud! Some of the staff and lecturers in this campus are my mom's friends, so..... They congratulated me through my mom! Teehee! Best feelings ever you know! Alhamdulillah! My name is under the Dean's List, well same goes with my other 2 good friends in class, Ally & Kila :) Yayy!

We woke up early & go down so early! HAHAHAHAHA! Semangat memang! We were so excited & same goes with my roommate! She applied some eye-liner and whatever onto my face & Ally's. She said that, "Jangan kamu naik pentas kalau muka kamu pucat begini!". So yeah, she did it. Yayy. You don't know how much I hate make-ups. Ew no, but thanks very much to my lovely roomate, Amieyca ;) Well, introducing Ally & Anna Yayan!! TAADAA!

And yeah, the event ended after 2 hours and a half I guess. HAHAHA! My a** got cramped because we sat there too long & the hall was too effin freezing cold. HAHAHAHAHAH! Whatever. Back to our story, ada 36 orang semua dari part 1 yang dapat awards & only 11 of us got Dean's List, including me. Ahem! HAHAHAHAH! I'm so blessed! Alhamdulillah :) And there's 10 of us from my class with 4 dekans! I'm one of them! Ahem, HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh well! Alhamdulillah! 

I'm so happy to receive the honour. I just hope that this victory will always be with me, I'll continue to work hard & study well to achieve what I want! I'll try to maintain this reputation of mine, I'll try my best! I'll try to make my parents happy every semester! I promise, I'll never let them down just like what I did in high school. Congratulations to all of my friends! Congratulations to Ally too, for receiving the best student awards! Our pointers only 0.04 differ, HAHAH, thats so frustrating! I'll try to beat that score! Hihihi.

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I'm missing someone so badly,
I hope that one day you'll come,