Sunday, December 22, 2013

Best Friends :)

Hi people hi! So, Ameera, Cassie & me gathered once again on Nov 30th. I was so happy to meet them once again, especially Cassandra who is currently studying in Unimas, faraway from home, so faraway :') I was not THAT excited to meet Ameera because we are in the same campus and we meet everyday and we are staying in the same hostel, same block, same floor. HAHAHAHAHAH! We spent time together and we enjoyed the precious time! I was so happy, so happy! Can't you guys see how happy I am in the picture below? HAHAHAHAH! 

Thanks for everything my dearest bestfriends! Thanks for your time, thanks for your effort for this precious day! I love you guys forever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA got nothing to say! Okay bye.