Monday, November 4, 2013

Exam Result Sem 1

Hello everyone! What's up? I'm so happy and so grateful! Exam Result was out last Friday on November 1st. I swear it was the freakiest day ever! I can't sleep peacefully the night before because I was too worried about my results. Plus, my friend, Ameera received her results thru email at 10PM and I haven't received mine. AHH. But then, I decided to sleep at 12AM and that's where I started to overthink. HAHHH. The next day, I woke up early at 6AM and ready to check my results. So I switched on my lappy and checked my email and then BAM! 

The first thing came up in my mind was 'Yayy! I'm a good daughter! I have made mom & dad happy!'. Well, I achieved 1A+, 2As, 3A-s and 1B+. That B+ is really a spoiler but I'm so thankful! Luckily, I got an A for the Business Accounting subject! After all those sacrifices, I achieved good grades and also excellent CGPA! Alhamdulillah is all I can say :) Yayy! Dean's List babyyy! Congrats to my classmates as well, Kila, Sha & Ally for the Dean List! Well, sem 2 is coming, gotta prepare to enter AM1102A1 :) Can't wait to see them friends!

Thanks for viewing!