Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moments in Campus.

Hey hoy! Good day everyone! Let me share something to you here. Well, I know that I have no stalkers anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Tiada sudah zaman kegemilangan siber saya. Ngehehehehehe. Whatever! Well back to the topic, I wanna share about my moments in campus! For your information, I'm taking AM110 programme in campus which is something related to Administration, Politics & Law & I'm loving it!

So, picture above shows a picture of me ofcourse, with Kila & Icha. Jangan salah faham k, Kila & me wore tudung at that time because we're having our CTU class. Its Agama Islam class okay! Sweet kah kami pakai tudung? HEHEHEHEHEHEH. Comel bilang XD

And, this is a picture of me with Syamih, Azra, Atikah & my bestfriend since I was 13, Ameera! Hehehehe! We took lots of pictures somewhere inside an empty classroom at the exam building! Well, for your information, this picture was taken 45 minutes before ELC120 paper started! HAHAHAHA mentang-mentang paper subject English seja, semua goyang kaki. DUH! HAHAHAH! Azra is forever the cutest okay! Hehehe! I love them all!

PS: Hope to see everyone in the second semester! Missing them lots!