Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello mello bello yello! Hihihih! Hey you! Thanks for viewing my blog! Got nothing much to blog actually, just wanna share a picture of me and my friends here. Hehehe! Well, this picture was taken on March I think. We were on our way to the clinic somewhere in Asia City to actually inject ourselves with that special vaccination for us, girls aged 18. So that means, Nong can't join us since she's already above 18. HAHAHAH! Sorry girl! We had a very pleasant ride. I think the uncle was so annoyed of us because we were so loud and noisy. Nyeheheheh! Lagak macam bukan budak U untuk seketika. Luls. 

Talking about that, I was the last one to receive the injection. I was so nervous while waiting for my turn and then, my nose starts bleeding at one point. BAHAHAHAHA. That's what will happen if I'm in a nervous condition. The nurses got freaked out a while, and I was like, "I'm fine, don't worry about me. I'm used to it". HAHAHAHA! Dang! Not only that, when it was my turn to get the injection, I started to cry and the nurse scolded me like I'm a 5-year-old girl. Well yeah, I deserved to get that kind of treatment because I acted like one, HAHAHAHA, saya sedar diri juga ni. Astagaa. Bila fikir balik, sangat bikin memalukan okay, but what to do lah, memang I hate injections and all that kinds of stuffs. After everything was settled, we decided to go to the mall across the road which is CP and went to Kbox. Memang semua kaki and kepala kbox kan, so layan seja lah. HAHAHAH! SEMPAT LAH JUGA KAN! Tangan sakit pun nda rasa. Hewhew! After an hour karaoke session, we decided to go back to campus and that's it. HAHAH. Mm, siok kah cerita saya? HAHAHAHAH, macam nda kan? Okay whatever. That's it for today.