Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hola everyone! Weehuu, I'm back! What's up? Its already 16th of May and sem break is getting shorter and the third semester is about to start! Okay, lets forget about that first. Today, I wanna blog about the most prestigious event in our second semester, which is the 2014 DiPAC's Gathering! It was held last 2 months I guess. Sorry for the late update. (Bagus kalau ada pembaca setia, ngehehehe) The dress code was FUNKY. So, since we stayed at the hostel, not much funky clothes we got in our wardrobe. So all we do was just pick and match. Something like that lah. BAHAHAH! 

The above picture is a picture of my classmates and I with our beloved Tuan Rektor :) Ada juga lah satu orang senior ni menyelit dalam ni gambar, HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I don't know your name bro. MIAHAHAHA! Nothing much to describe this picture, I just love them classmates so much! Smooch!

And TATADADA! This is a picture of me and my best friends in class; Aley, Febi, Kila, Icha and Izni! Semua cantik okay malam tu, saya seja offside. BAHAHAHAH! Kila juga lah kan gaya-gaya model. Icha and Izni will forever be sweet and ayu. HAHAHAH. Aley looked like Wendy in the Peter Pan movie and me? Just me. Heheheh!

Lastly, this is a picture of me and my AM1102A1 fellas :) Incomplete picture of us, some went MIA. Pssh! Anyways, I had a great night with them and took tons of pictures with them. I will cherish our memories forever. I love you guys so much! Hope to see you people again on the next upcoming semester! Thanks for everything!

Credits: Syakila for the lovely pictures. Muahx