Sunday, August 25, 2013

RAYA 2013 :)

Hola people! According to my calendar, today is the 18th day of Syawal. Am I right? Hehe! Now, I have more time to update my blog on this lovely Sunday afternoon :) No more marching competition, no more common tests (by now). Oh anyways, lets talk about this year's Raya celebration! Its not too late to talk about it, right? Hewhew. Well lets begin. I woke up at 6 on that day, I can smell something nice came out from the kitchen! Mom's preparing raya dishes! Ah I just cant resist! HAHA! Well, lets just be quick. Let me show you a picture of me on the first day of Raya. TATADADA! Its purplish and I liked it. Hehe!

Anyways, I don't wanna upload too much pictures because I want some privacy lah! Hehe! Well, this picture below is a picture of my Jawa-Brunei family. All of us look like Chinese, aye? Hahahahah! Okay whatever! I'm the one with the biggest head in the picture, if you can't see me in the picture. HAHAHA! 

Oh and about duit raya, YES. I still collect duit raya for this year. Its like, 'the older you get, the more money you get' Hehehehe, yes seriously. I'm so thankful and grateful to have a generous family :) Aiseh! My raya is more meaningful when mom stayed here in KK for almost 2 weeks! Ah I missed my mommy so badly! Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah, thanks for everything. Blessed.