Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello July!

Hi there peeps. When was the last time I posted an entry here? What? 2 months ago? Heh. Well, yeah. I've been very busy lately. Busy with campus life, oh yeah baby, CAMPUS LIFE. Alhamdulillah, I got an offer to further my studies in UITM. At first, I was expecting to get that Foundation in Law but I wasn't accepted. Maybe its because of there were a lot of students who are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than me. Well, duh! That's not an easy course. Hewhew. So I got my second choice which is Diploma in Public Administration which is also related to Law. Well, yeah. I accepted the offer and voila, here I am in UITM taking that course :) Why I wanna take Law? Well, pffts. Of course, I'm interested in Law and second, I wanna be a lawyer! InshaAllah. 6-7 years from now :) Sooooooooooooo, it's a good experience- entering University. I got a chance to live a university life, get to know lots and lots of people and all those new learning skills :) Since I'm a part 1 student, so its compulsory for freshie like us to stay at the campus hostel. Hewhew. Well, that's the first time ever! You know, saya tidak pernah tinggal di hostel, asrama or whatsoever. Ini kali lah saya cuci baju sendiri, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! But I had fun there! Semua benda pun buat sama-sama dengan kawan-kawan. We eat together, we go to the toilet together, we study together. Aiseh! Well, this is how my room looks like! 

Okay lah bah kan, HAHAHAH. At first, I'm not comfortable of how the room looks like, of how it smells and how hot it is at night (since the room is not air-conditioned, heh) Tapi lama-lama, okay bah juga :) Satu seja masih jadi isu dalam diri; terpaksa mandi air sejuk time pagi-pagi. HAHAHAHAH die die -_- Hmmphs! Okay enough about that, let me show you some of my pictures with my new classmates.

Bla-bla-bla. I just don't know what to comment here. I'm so glad to know them, I really am. I hope we'll stick together forever until the graduation day :) Alethia, AG, Redzuan, Febiana, Kieko, Zila, Chika, Farah, Natasja, Zera, Amal, Fidah, Chee, Nizam, Nazrin, Zairil, Afiez and those yang saya masih belum kenal :) Okay! Lets work hard together, buddies. That's it for today :) Bye!