Thursday, April 11, 2013

MAPeC Awards Ceremony 2012 :)

Yippee! Hello there guys :3 Its my sixth day here in Kota Kinabalu! What's up? Well, its 11th April today. Its MAPEC day! Sir Tan said that its our BIG DAY, so smile BIG! Yeah. He said that, hehew. Anyways, MAPEC is the biggest ceremony of the year in SMP. Mm, well I guess so. Hihihihih! Alhamdulillah, saya merupakan salah seorang daripada 10 orang pelajar cemerlang SPM 2012 di sekolah saya. Bukan mau tambirs la, tapi sudah kena bagi tu gelaran, layan seja la kan. Hohohoh! 


So, the picture above is a picture of the prestigious stage! Sehh! Oh, and the picture below is a picture of me with Cassie. The only Emeraldians. Just the two of us. Tsk tsk. Its our morning faces. Cute eh? Harhar. This year, for the first time, majlis ni kena buat sana Yayasan Sabah which is also known as Menara Tun Mustapha :) Aidah said that its the 'cylinder building'. HAHAH!

Oh, and this is a picture of me and my annoying beloved junior. Datang-datang, pok phone orang untuk online. Nyehehehehee. Sorry terbocor rahsia :b She's also like my orang suruhan which is also known as my employee. Mm, well, sort of. HAHAHAHA. Dia tolong jual stuff from my LML Shoppe :) I thank you for that!

Well, since saya ni bukan lagi bergelar pelajar sekolah, so kawan-kawan pun banyak yang tiada sana. I mean, most of them tidak terlibat untuk ini majlis, so kira macam ulung lah. Tiada kawan bergambar, tiada kawan melepak, tiada kawan bermesra time ni majlis. Hewhew. I only have Cassie! Actually, semua loyal Emeraldians yang dapat anugerah ada 4 orang. Myra who got 9As went to Sydney and left Cassie and me all alone :( Era who got 5As went to Selangor for the National Service! Wuwuwuwu. So, my camera tertumpu sama muka-muka juniors yang tercinta lah. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Contohnya, gambar-gambar seperti di bawah. Saya dikerumuni dengan para juniors. HAHAH! Seh! Thanks to Fatin, Shaheera, Laura, Hanis, Elly, Nad & Diedie :)

And this picture below is an exclusive photo of me with Cassie and the most honourable Miss Nurul Jannah, the super duper excellent STPM student in Sabah! Heheheheehehehehehehe! Please smile when you read this, KAKAK! HAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, FYI, it took me like forever to take a picture with her. Like seriously. Artist of the year bah pula si kakak! :b

Ini picture pula kira budak-budak Kingfisher ba ni. Tapi si Cassie offside sikit. Nda ba :b Ini time majlis sudah selesai. Muka-muka yang terima anugerah. Kalau tengok dari ni gambar, siapa rasanya nampak paling happy? Lulz. 

This one is a picture of me and Elsa! Another beloved junior! Seh! HEHEHEHEHEHEE! I look like makcik-makcik kan! Oh GOD! 

Last but not least, here's a picture of myself wearing the jubah-what-so-ever in the auditorium. Chubby as always!

And thats it for today. Hehehehehehehe! Sorry, I don't know what to share actually. Pictures and long captions will be alright kaaaaaaan? :) Anyways, thanks to everyone especially teachers & friends. Thanks for today, terima kasih juga untuk kamu yang congratulate saya samada ikhlas, terpaksa dan sebagainya. Hehehehehe! Congrats to Myra sebab dapat pencapaian subjek terbaik SPM for Physics and Chemistry, congrats to Cassie for the best achievement in Biology and Mathematics, and of course myself for receiving the best achievement in SPM for Pendidikan Agama Islam subject. Alhamdulillah! 3 best friends yang cemerlang! HIHI! Other subjects, macam Aysa yang sapu. Hihihihi. Congrats to you too girl! I'm going back to KL in 2 days and I wanna cry right now. I hope that I can join SMP's sports day for this year. I mean, as an audience lah :) Hehe! Okay next entry!