Friday, November 4, 2011

Gerko Closing Day :)

Weeeee. Well, today we had this Gerko Closing Day in school. The objective is to give the prizes and certificates to all the students who took part in all the activities and also the ones who are active in curriculum activities :) As usual, I came late to school. HAHA. About 7 in the morning. As I enter the class, thank God I saw Odey, Achel & Myra, the ones whom I call friends. Ngahaha. Luckily, saya tidak ulung like yesterday. BAHAHA. Okay okay, back to the topic, I received only three certificates today, including one certificate of 'KHIDMAT CEMERLANG' for the Science & Math Society. Oh yeaaaah. That's me, I know I'm gooooood. HAHAHA. Other than that, I received 1 small hamper that is fulled with high calories junk food! BAHAHA. Gosh, that school is encouraging me to gain more weight I guess. Luls. I was just kidding :D Well, I've got nothing to say here, let's just view some pictures that I've managed to upload aite? Here is it.

Ngeee. Enjoy viewing already? Well thank you for visiting. One more thing, 4 Emerald is the best! Whooots! I love all my classmates. Kami juga bah paling harapan, we conquer like everything. Cehhh. Minta puji dulu. HAHAHA. We got the first place in the netball games, first place in the batu seremban games, third place in chess, congkak & volley ball. Aren't we that awesome? HAHAHAHAHA. Alright. That's it. Good day stalkers! Muah muah!


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