Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Merdeka Raya Celebration :)

 Hola peepz. 

Yeah, here's some update about the Merdeka raya celebration in my school. Whew. I wore pink baju kurung to school and I was already in school about 6AM. HAHA, semangat kan? Yeahhh. Lagipun, time pagi tuh ada ribut kan, hujan turun dengan selebat-lebatnya. So scary oh. Ngee. Back to the topic, the Merdeka Raya celebration was okay. For me, it was a lame day, because the event schedule was so uglee. Get it? HAHA. Know why? Because majlis raya tuh sangat lah bidaaa. Sketsa pun, bukan apa lah, but saya tidak faham. Macam SS seja tuh pelakon-pelakon di pentas. Hehe :) And the best part was, taking pictures with friends! Awww. Suka-suka XD This is my second year celebrating raya in school, the last one was when I was in Form One. I wonder why? Siapa pelajar SMP tuh mesti tau tuh sebab dia. Ngehehe. I don't want to mention it here. LOL. And I've got nothing to type here, so let's do some photo-sharing. Enjoy! 

The end. Thanks for viewing. 


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