Saturday, May 21, 2011

My School Tour :)

Last Thursday, our class went to attend the Majlis Biasiswa Pelajar Cemerlang Negeri Sabah bla-bla-bla, or whatever it is. I forgot. LOL. It was held somewhere in the building of Yayasan Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. HAHA! The Chief Minister of Sabah were also there. Let me tell you about that day. Okay, first, we waited for the bus to arrive. Soon after the bus arrived, so we got up the bus and the journey begins. NGEHEHE :) Jarak dari sekolah? Maybe about 1-2 kilometres away. And as soon as we arrived there at the Yayasan Sabah, we saw there are lots of students from other school. First sight, students of SMK Tebobon. LOL. Then, we enter the hall. Woaahh! There are lots more people in the hall. And I am excited. BAHAHAHA (sakai..hehe) Know what? Along the way to the Yayasan Sabah, Audrey kept saying about food, hungry, and food! HAHAHA! Don't you think it is annoying? HAHAHA! Oh and as usual, we wasted about 2 hours waiting for the VVIPs to arrive ==' We were busy watching people, the LaSallian boys which were sitting in front of us, BAHAHA, and all the weird-lookin people while waiting for the VIPs. HAHAHAHA! And we used Sandy's phone to call all the unknown numbers and disturb people, tell ya what, it was so boring! HAHA. The event then started about 10 AM, and finished at 11 AM. What a relieve! HEHEHE :) Well, here are some pictures that I've uploaded.


Lots and lots of students!

Whatever! HAHA

We just wanna show the book! HAHAHA

 It was a very exciting day. We didn't enter the class, HEHE. 
Well, that's it. Thanks for viewing stalkers :)
Good Day everyone!

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