Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ze Bro's PMR Results Day.

Hello people. Waddup? It's the announcement of the PMR results today :) So how's your sleep last night dearest 96's? Cool huhh? Hehe. I've been in that situation too. I was so freaked out. HAHA. Well, as for my brother, I found that he can't sleep last night, thinking of his results of course! LOL. Aww poor you :p The next day, which is today, he woke up early and took his shower and went to his school around 7 I guess. LOL. He was tooo, umm, excited I guess? Hehe. So I woke up at 10 and went there with mom. I thought mom was about to drop me somewhere in the city centre but she brought me to my bro's school. So yeah whatever. I saw my brother was there, and so does my parents. His teacher said, "Nama-nama yang tidak kena panggil, sila tunggu sebentar untuk pergi berjumpa dengan pengetua. Terima kasih." From that moment, I knew that he got straight As. As expected, he got straight As. Shitttttt! LOL. I have to accept the fact that he is more clever than me. BAHAHAHA. Daymmmm. So here are some pictures of him with the other straight As scorers :') He's in PINK t's.

I hate him like so much! This is so unfair :( Waisehhh! Minta puji kan? LOLOLOL. Whatever it is, you are my brother and I love you! BAHAHAHA. You've just made mommy & daddy so proud of you. You made both of them happy. Thanks bro for making them happy. When I saw them cried, I feel happy too :') Yalah. Time dulu saya kan tidak score, kasih kecewa dorang lagi tuh. Hoho! Anyways, congratulations Sulaiman! Study smart for next year! I know you can do it :) Jia you!

P.S: To all Sabahans, go buy the Utusan Borneo tomorrow! Keluar tuh muka adik saya yang tidak berapa hensem tuh. LOLOLOLOLOL. Saya bukan minta puji ah, just wanna share my happy moments :) Kbye.


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