Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This is an appreciation post to all my girlfriends in UiTM. We started with 8 members altogether in our second semester and ended with only 6 members in the campus and 2 members in our hearts (not because they died but they left the campus for good, HAHA). I will never forget our memories together, walk from Fast Track to Cluster C or Indah Permai to have our lunch together. At that time, we don't have any transportation. Hiks. Love you always Hamisah and Syakila, be good outside there :)

First of all, lets start from the right. Introducing Izni Najwa 'Amirah Binti Arip, a crazy-loud girl but the one who will always got bullied by everyone in the class especially me and the boys, ngahaha. The expert one when it comes to calculation subjects. I'll always refer to her last time, especially for Business Maths in Part 1, Costing in Part 2 and also Statistics in Part 4. Well, let me tell you why I like to bully you, maybe because you're just so kind-hearted and nda pandai marah. Dia ni kalau bercerita, keluar lah tu ayat dia; "NAH JO", "SANDI JO" dengan konfidennya. HAHA! The one yang sentiasa dapat cinta baru sepanjang hidup kami di kampus ni, HAHAHAHA! Asal PTPTN keluar, she'll belanja everyone, awwwww, thank you my friend. Oh and the one yang selalu kena kasih tinggal sebab lambat!!!! Please change that okay Wawa. HAHAHAHA!

Now, let's describe the second one from the right. Introducing Norsariana Majinin, a girl from Tawau Sabah. Orang belah saaaaaaaaaaaana hujung-hujung Sabah, HAHAHA! People call her Yayan, but I like to call her Sari because she call me Surai. HAHAHAH. A very determined person and a very punctual person. Menghargai setiap detik dan masa. Kalau sudah ketawa, memang ndada yang boleh lawan 'patca' dia, tapi kalau malam-malam dia ketawa, saya jadi takut sebab macam suara hantu ketawa. I still remember that one morning, we slept together in the hostel room and then the next morning, semua orang terbangun pasal dia punya bunyi alarm. Bukan alang-alang buss, lagu Gangnam Style! KAHKAHKAH! The one yang paling rajin whatsapp saya untuk tanya soalan, and I do the same to her too. I ask her if I'm not clear on something. 

Moving on to the girl standing on my left; Alethia Subil. I first noticed her during our first ELC class during our first semester, it was the ice-breaking session in class and when it comes to her turn, I never thought that her voice would be like that, macam suara dalam. HAHAHA! A very hardworking classmate and very competitive. I label her as the one yang paling mudah terhibur! HAHAHAHA! 

The second one from the left; Febiana Sarama! Hi Feb, the second youngest member among us and yang paling gila kalau sudah time bergila. HAHAHA! Dia lah paling banyak perubahan sepanjang hidup diploma ni sebab masuk ja semester 4 and 5, phew, bebeh sudah. HAHAHA. Kalau kasih banding ah gambar dulu sama sekarang, boleh jadi hiburan. NGAHAHA! Not much to say about her because she don't talk much tapi kalau sudah kasih ketawa orang, saya pun ikut terconnect sama dia. HAHAHAHAH! Feb, feb! Kalau group sama dia, dia selalu kasih keluar idea and pendapat, which is good and very helpful.

Last but not least, the closest one to me, Nurhanisah Harun. She's the one yang selalu bersusah senang sama saya. I walk from Fast Track to library, she's there walking with me. My car keys hilang di kampus, she's the ONLY ONE yang tolong cari. I stayed back in campus, she stayed back as well. Span baju kurung hilang, she's the one yang tolong cari, kan Icha? HAHAHAHA! A very helpful group member and very efficient. Seh. I can refer to her on anything especially when it comes to cooking and house chores. HAHAHA! Kakak-kakak kan! Hiks! During our Semester 2, I stayed at the hostel everyday including weekends, and she's there to accompany me in the room. She's the one who will go anywhere I go around campus. Aw, I'm so touched. She's my singing partner, my very own Ziana Zain. Gonna miss her so much!

Dear friends, thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for all the bittersweet memories. I love you all my UiTM girlfriends. Will cherish our memories together forever. Kalau ada jodoh, kita jumpa lagi. Siapa kahwin nanti, jangan lupa kawan kayss. THANK YOU girls :)