Sunday, September 20, 2015

Public Financial Administration Poster War

Hola people! So, I wanna share a story to you all! Well, at Week 5, we received the assignment question from Madam Noorie and I team up with Icha and Feb, then I picked the question number 1 which was on the Budget 2015. I picked that maybe because I remembered that mom collected all the articles on the Budget 2015 lol, that's why. So, the poster war was held on 7th September I think, on Week 11, unfortunately, Feb has to sit for her MUET speaking test, so it was just me and Icha. Just the two of us. We worked so hard for the competition because we thought that we need to compete with everyone from the faculty. HAHAHAH! Rupanya ada kategori kelas demi kelas. Pfdts! Come on! HAHAHAHAHA! So, during the presentation we speak confidently (uiseh) and we scored 49 out of 50!! The evaluator sangat suka our poster (which was fully-designed and edited by me, hiks). And jyeah, we won the first place!! NGAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so thankful to have Icha as my partner, ngehehe and thank you to all my classmates, kamulah yang paling sporting dalam tu dewan, berabis lah kan bersorak! HAHAHHAHAHAH! Heish sayang you alls. Okay bye.