Monday, May 4, 2015

ENT 300: Wanderlust Borneo Travel

Hello there peeps! Today, I want to share to you about our proposed business for the ENT 300 course. We were given exactly 12 weeks to prepare for the so-called prestigious (kunun) event called the UiTM's Entrepreneurship Day which will be held on the 12th Week of lectures. We thought that 12 weeks will be more than enough to prepare EVERYTHING! So, we procrastinate and procrastinate and kept on procrastinating. To all of you who haven't taken this course yet, please, I'm telling you to NOT PROCRASTINATE! YOU NEED TO START IMMEDIATELY FROM DAY 1! THIS IS SERIOUS OKAY! Alright, back to my story. On the Week 4, only then we started to notice that time flies too fast and realized that our progress was ZERO. Like seriously. So, we gathered and decided to start it immediately. At that time, we know, we wee the first one to start doing the project. Nyehehe. So, the picture below was our very first meeting at the Ujana Sarjana building, in front of the lecture hall, during the 2nd Kupi Table Dialogue program. I still remember when we started to brainstorm all the ideas and discussed about what we wanna do for our business. All of the ideas were cool and brilliant, the funny part was; all ideas given by Nazrin were so, uhmmm, creative and fresh, but memang semua barang yang dia mau buat semua macam lifestyle orang pemalas ni bah. HAHAHAHA. Okay sorry for that Nazrin. HAHAHAHAHAH! 

So, we have decided to do business that offers service on tours and travel. Ever since the first meeting, we gathered and sat together and discussed about the project a lot! Semua semangat and very co-operative. We have that team spirit that leads us to victory. Uiseh. We sacrificed our Saturdays and went out to do our research on the tourism industry in Malaysia, we even went to all of the tours & travel agencies available in Kota Kinabalu to look for information. We had lots of fun together and we even gained knowledge and experience together. Hehe. The picture below was maybe on the 6th week of lecture, it was on Saturday. We finished 10% of our business proposal on that day. After that we had our dinner at Harbour City. Great times (Y)

On the 10th week, I think we have managed to complete 50% of our business proposal and here is a picture of us, the Top Managers of the Wanderlust Borneo Travel, who are also the official owners of the company. Thanks to the cameramen; beloved Mister Hafifi and also Mister Nizam. Hewhewhew. To be honest, memang nda sah la kalau tiada kes bergaduh pasal perselisihan pendapat, nda buat kerja and masam muka pasal small matters. Memang nda sah kalau tiada semua tu drama. Luckily, semua pun matang and pandai handle masalah dengan baik. I compliment them for that. Very very professional. Two days before the final presentation or better known as the Entrepreneurship Day, I had my mood swings and semua benda pun saya mau marah and I didn't talk to the guys and semua berpaling muka. Tapi time library mau tutup sudah, barulah our General Manager buka mulut and asked why I acted that way. I was so touched at that time, sebab dorang cakap, "kita ni as a team so must go as a team". Ah something like that la dia bilang that touches my heart. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. At that time, I was so thankful and blessed to have a great and strong team! Like for real!! I love them all ToT 

So, we prepared our banners, brochures, pamphlets, stickers and poster and other related marketing props for the presentation. We set our booth happily, HAHA. I can see the team spirit inside us, I was so touched to see that. Icha asked her dad to bring the LCD all the way from Pitas just to set the background for our booth, we went to Kaison store to buy decorations and everything lah! On the day of the presentation, awal pagi lagi, around 7 AM, I can feel the heat! We were so nervous but we keep calm, heheh. Semua pun nampak smart with our office attires. Aiseseh. During the presentation, I think I talk a lot to the evaluator. Nasib nda gugup, it went very well. VERYYYYY! Sekali, at the end of the day, we tidy up our booth then suddenly, Madam Dayang came to us and said, "JANGAN DULU KAMU BALIK AHHH" sambil dia senyum-senyum. Macam hint ba, yang kami akan menang. Heheheheheh. Sekali betul bah menang, first place for the Agricultural and Tourism Category! Whoooooooooooooots! Hard work pays off. Alhamdulillah.

I am so thankful to have them as my group members. I really do. So happy bila kau struggle sehabis baik then suddenly, you are being rewarded to be the best group daripada semuaaaaaaaaaa yang participate. Heh! Thanks to Nazrin, AG, Jidin, Icha and Febi for all the co-operations. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks very very much! I love you guys so much *hukshuks* I know you people will never gonna read this, because you don't know that I write about you guys here and you people don't even know I write blogs. Heheh. To Nazrin, thanks for all your brilliant ideas and all your talents when it comes to talk talk talk and convincing people, thanks for your sacrifices. May Allah bless your kindness, may Allah give you more than what you have sacrificed for the others that may have taken you for granted. To Echee, thanks for everything, it was worth it to pick you as our General Manager, you are the best leader. To AG, thanks for all your efforts. To Febi, thanks for all your efforts and your creativity. And lastly, to Icha, thanks for everything, thanks for accompanying me every time I needed someone. You are the only one who will always be with me. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu! So, next semester kita 1 group lagi, eh? Heheehehehehe.