Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hi. So, my school had this Iftar program in school on the 10th of August. It was open to ALL Form 5, Form 3 & Form 6 students. I went back home to prepare myself and I came back to school around 2. HAAAA. It was so early. Luckily, Cassie & Iffah stayed back. So we spent our time together in the classroom while waiting for others to arrive. It was a very hot day & thank God that our classroom is air-conditioned. NGAHAHAHA. Here are some of our pictures together.

 A picture of me with Cassie. Yayyyy.

Ameera & me :) Chubby much?  

Tyka, Jamie, Peny, Era & Faziey went to Jamie's house in Likas. Tyka promised me that they will come back to school exactly at 3 and they actually came late to school. HEHHHHH. Whatever. And here are some of our pictures together! 

So, we performed our Maghrib prayers together in the surau and break fast together at the school canteen. After that, we performed our Isyak prayers and also Terawih. 

It was a wonderful day with them. Cassie, Faziey, Jamie, Peny, Tyka, Era, Anila, Erna, Zatye & me :) Just wanna let you guys know, I was so happy at that time! HAHAHA! Yalah. Final year sudah kita sama-sama. Plus, I'm so touched because it has been a month since we last had our meal together on a same table! HAHAHAHA. Yalah. Sebulan kan kita puasa :') I love you guys. 

Forever an Emeraldian,