Saturday, July 14, 2012

Senamrobik 1M1S :)

Hi people. Its me again. Well as everyone knows, that senamrobik activity was held last Tuesday.  Serentak kunun seluruh Malaysia. It was on my birthday. Tsk tsk. We had lots of fun & happy moments together as 5 Emerald students. Macam biasa bah, keluar gaya kili masing-masing. HAHAHAHA! 

"Kamu kasih tunjuk jari kamu macam 1 Malaysia" - Cikgu Anang cakap. 

We were trying to bully the practical teachers. HAHA. 

The most handsome teacher in our school. *wink

My nerdy friends- Cassie & Myra :)

At the end of the day, kami main hujan. HAHAHA. Memang basah kuyup lah kami. LOL. Actually, I was so scared that I will get a birthday prank from my friends but it was my lucky day! They've forgotten about it! HAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, thanks for those who had wished me for my 17th birthday this year :) Thanks for your wishes and I appreciate it so much!