Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Choir Performance :)

Hello! So, Teacher's Day Celebration was held last Thursday. As usual, we are always the class yang paling harapan to perform choir on stage. NGAHAHAHA. We rehearsed for less than 24 hours but we managed to co-operate and ini lah hasil dia. We had fun! Weehuu. Here are some pictures of us on stage. Barisan belakang nda nampak dorang, nasib lah kan? HAHAHA.

Well, I've just uploaded the video on Youtube. Here it is. CLICK HERE. Don't forget to watch it ya :) Btw, our performance is just for fun. Just to entertain everyone there! I know its not perfect. Hehe :)Thanks and hope you guys enjoy it :) 

P.S Thanks to everyone. 
Guitarist: Mortnie
Vocals: Chelsie, Erna, Vanez, Kijie, Nely, Cassie, Wanie, Anila, ME, Faz, Miera, Myra, Sue, Peny, Zatye
Rappers: Agnes, Tyka, Jamz, Era