Friday, April 20, 2012

MAPeC 2012 :)

Howdy pepol. What's up? I've no time to blog lately. Well you know, busy with school :D Anyways, Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang was held on the 19th of April in Dewan Maksak. Naik stage MAPeC? Me? Nah, not this time. HAHA. I was just performing on stage for choir! Harapan SMP bah kalau koir. Lulz. There's nothing much to say, just some pictures to show! Introducing the awshum juniors yet annoying kids; Phebe & Fatin :)

And here's Phebe & Shaheera once again! Name who's the shortest, the tallest, the thinnest & the biggest? BAHAHAHA. 

And here's a picture of my awshum babes. Introducing Agnes, Erna, Tyka, Bea, Cassie & Faziey! SMP'S 2012 Drama Team :) Gila sakai rupa dorang kaaaaan? Lulz.

BTW, congrats to those who received awards from that MAPeC! Congrats to Shaheera! Paling manang kau ah PENDIDIKAN SENI VISUAL. HAHAHAHA! 

Congrats to Cassie for receiving the best subject achievements- Chemistry & Biology okaaaaay and to Myra too for receiving best subject achievements also for English Science Tech & Physics :) Yayyy! Not to be forgotten, Ameera too for receiving Tokoh Pelajar Ko-Kurikulum! My friends are just so awesome! So let me end this post here, adios pepol!