Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello there people! Welcome to my blog! So, I am enjoying my remaining semester break here in Sandakan city. Well, not much to enjoy here because I am trapped in this apartment, just chilling in this bedroom of mine the whole day, and repeat it over and over and over. Sad life it is. So, here I am right now, posting this entry to share to you guys about my semester 4 results. This is just for information sharing okay, not to show-off. Hehe.

So there you go. That's my result for my fourth semester! It was a very tough semester and it was not easy! Luckily, I managed to score! This is the second best GPA I got if compared to my second and third semester exams. My fourth Dean List!!! Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah. Thanks to my parents, my lecturers and friends for everything! Now, I need to focus more to get the very best CGPA! Wish me luck! ANC is coming, InshaAllah! 

Anyways, I want to share something to all my juniors out there (FSPPP students especially), here are some of my tips to get good results:

1. Remember to always RESPECT your lecturers; so that includes: to always come early to class and to always listen to what the lecturers say.. even if there is nothing to do with the course. just laugh if you think your lecturer tell you jokes. (HAHA this is serious)

2. Always ask, and ask, and ask, and ASK!! Don't bother other people in your class, always ask your lecturers straight away if you don't get it or else, I'm sure you will forget about it after the lectures

3. Do not waste time. You are a student, so you have to accept it that you need to live in a students' life which is to read notes after class, revise and make notes after class. (This is to boost up your memory, trust me!) After everything is done, reward yourself with SLEEPING!!

4. Remember to always finish up all the assignments given. 

5. Make sure you have enough sleep, so that you will be able to focus more in class. Oh! Dont forget about your diet too! Eat healthy!

6. Be serious in class and concentrate. Ignore all your friends who are trying to distract you

7. Don't study for tests, just prepare early and concentrate in class. (It means, you just need to focus in class HAHAHA)

8. Work smart for your On-Going Assessment because this is like your free marks to get good scores during exams. My theory: The higher the OGA, the higher the chances for you to get an A. 

9. Be that one active student in class so that your lecturers will notice you and will mark you as their potential students. (I will always ask a lot during lectures, don't bother others)

10. The most important thing is to create a happy environment. A happier environment will tend to make you more happier! (So that means, don't give a fck to people who are trying to make you down or anything negative)

Okay, I guess that's it lah. If you have anything to ask, don't hesitate to contact me at twitter.
Cheers everybody!