Sunday, May 3, 2015

DiPAC's Family Day 2015

Our DiPAC Family Day was held in February 2015 specially organized for the semester 1 DPA students. Since the semester 5 seniors were busy with their 'Finishing School' programme so, the Part 4 students (ME!) conquered everything. MUAHAHAHA. The paling senior at that time, bangga lah sangat. But nothing interesting tho, biasalah if on Sunday, no one wanna come and support. Nyehehe! So, the picture above is a picture of me with my other course-mates. After sooooo long, only that day I got the chance to play netball. The last time I played was in 2012. Champion sekolah ba ni. Ingat lagi bah, I played GD or WD, kasih tewas budak kelas sebelah. HARHARHAR. Unfortunately that day, Part 4 students kalah sama Part 1. HAHAHAHAHAH. Kencang dorang main. Hewhew! Sweetest memory! Eventho sangat takut hitam at that time. Anyways, 1 Heart 1 Blood!