Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommy, Happy Mother's Day :)

Hi. I know my mom can’t read this. I just want to say sorry for everything. I know it’s not enough that I’m with you. I know I'm such a hard-headed daughter. I know that you need me to feel better when you’re tired of work, but I’m not doing my part as a daughter. But one thing that’s for sure, I Love You, mom. And I will always protect you until my last breath. It’s just that I don’t know how to express my love for you when I’m in front of you. We also have misunderstandings and you sometimes judge me for what I’m not and I get pissed about it. I hope you understand. 

You’ve taught me how to get up when life knocks me down, how to laugh when what you want is to cry, but most of all, how to live your life, because it’s yours and no one can stop you from living it. We may not always get along, but that just means you’re looking out for me and making sure I don’t screw up my life, and I’ll never let you down, because that means I’ve let myself down- I thank you for that and so much more. Happy Mother’s day to my mom! Cheers to that! You’ve been a responsible mother to us <3 Thanks for everything mommy. You gave everything that I want, with all your love and your heart. I love you forever and always mommy. You're the Queen of My Heart :)

p.s mommy, I promise I will do the best in my SPM and get good results!