Friday, January 13, 2012

My Senior Year!

Haaaa, hello people! I guess this is my fourth entry of the year 2012 :) It has been days since my last update, and now I'm back. Muhehe. I've been busy lately with all the school stuffs of course, with all the Add Math homework everyday, extra classes in school, bla-bla-bla, study until late at night. Ngahaha. Takut SPM bah! So, the first day of school was on the 4th of January. It was greaaaat :) I love the air-conditioned class the most, BAHAHA, eventhough it's located at the highest place in my school which is very tiring to climb the stairs everyday. LOL.

As you can see the picture above, you can see books :O I'm now in Form 5! The final year of high school! I will try to enjoy the final year to the fullest! And not to forget to study hard and get ready for my SPMs.

There are many changes happened for this new year. Not only we are SOON TO BE SEVENTEEN, Nely & Cassie are now the new prefects in school. BAHAHA. Plus, Teacher Alizah is not the Ketua Guru Disiplin anymore. Now, its hard for me to break the school rules when Teacher Salina is now the KGD. Perggh! The school schedule is also different from last year. We only can go home at 3PM. Haaa! What a life! And there you go, just a simple update from me. Here's a picture of me, Cassie, Tyka & Miera. Ze Emeraldians! Whoots! Whoots! Harharhar. 

Oh and as usual, kes junior kenal senior, tapi senior tidak kenal junior. Uhuk uhuk. Saya terasa diri ini famous lah XD They call me Kakak Sue @ Kak Susu! Aww so sweet! 

Okay gotta go people, got work to do. Oh dear bloggie, you don't know how much I miss you! Muah muah. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate that so much! Take care.
♡ 5 Emerald forever!

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